Edit Shortcuts


Default shortcuts

Below is the list of predefined keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Notepad++. They can be freely configured using the shortcut mapper, as well as all the commands which were not bound to shortcuts by default. This list does not include standard shortcuts provided by Notepad++-related plugins.

Edit menu
Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-Insert Copy
Ctrl-Shift-T Copy current line to clipboard
Ctrl-X Cut
Shift-Delete Cut
Ctrl-V Paste
Shift-Insert Paste
Ctrl-Z Undo
Alt-Backspace Undo
Ctrl-Y Redo
Ctrl-A Select All
Alt-Shift-Arrow keys, or Alt + Left mouse click Column Mode Select
Ctrl + Left mouse click Start new selected area. Only multiple stream areas ca be selected this way.
ALT-C Column Editor
Ctrl-D Duplicate Current Line
Ctrl-T Switch the current line position with the previous line position
Ctrl-Shift-Up Move Current Line, or current selection if a single stream, Up
Ctrl-Shift-Down Move Current Line, or current selection if a single stream, Down
Ctrl-L Delete Current Line
Ctrl-I Split Lines
Ctrl-J Join Lines
Ctrl-G Launch GoToLine Dialog
Ctrl-Q Block comment/uncomment
Ctrl-Shift-Q Stream comment
Tab (selection of one or more full lines) Insert Tabulation or Space (Indent)
Shift-Tab (selection of one or more full lines) Remove Tabulation or Space (outdent)
Ctrl-BackSpace Delete to start of word
Ctrl-Delete Delete to end of word
Ctrl-Shift-BackSpace Delete to start of line
Ctrl-Shift-Delete Delete to end of line
Ctrl-U Convert to lower case
Ctrl-Shift-U Convert to UPPER CASE
Ctrl-B Go to matching brace
Ctrl-Space Launch CallTip ListBox
Ctrl-Shift-Space Launch Function Completion ListBox
Ctrl-Enter Launch Word Completion ListBox
Ctrl-Alt-R Text Direction RTL
Ctrl-Alt-L Text Direction LTR
Enter Split line downwards, or create new line
Shift-Enter Split line downwards, or create new line