The last version of MeteoPro under WINDOWS

The MeteoPro software programme under WINDOWS enables users to manage data collected by a variety of weather stations (CIMEL, LUFFT, PULSONIC for example). Today, weather stations are reliable enough and not expensive, and even farmers, fruit tree and wine growers can buy, maintain them and use them easily.

MeteoPro under WINDOWS enables users:
- to load data into its data bases thanks to a flexible data import procedure
- to manage and correct this data
- to edit tables and graphs.
The MeteoPro data base is managed under PARADOX with full compatibility with EXCEL.

MeteoPro under WINDOWS is able to call the CIMEL weather stations (adaptations are necessary for the others) by modem and phone line.

It is possible to import data collected by national weather organisations, and any weather station not mentioned above, into the MeteoPro data base.

MeteoPro under WINDOWS includes the following models:
- soil water balance
- crop protection models (diseases and pests of vineyards and fruit trees): e.g. mildew, black-rot, wine grape moth, etc.

MeteoPro is used mainly by phytosanitary companies, Agricultural Chambers in two main regions: south-west (Bordeaux) and south-east (Côtes du Rhône), retailers and co-operatives, groups of farmers, research organisations.

The cost of the MeteoPro licence is 1000 Euros, plus a maintenance cost of 110 Euros per year. The maintenance fees are paid at the beginning of the year.

MeteoPro can be downloaded from the la Vache en Liberté web site. The cost of the licence is payable to la Vache en Liberté. After installation of the software programme, the necessary authorisation code is issued by la Vache en Liberté. Help to install the software is included in the licence cost.